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Yes! We offer Bungee Fitness

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016

You’ve probably seen the video that is spreading like wild fire across social media about Bungee Fitness and thought, “I want to do this!” Aerial Arts of Rochester offers small group and private lessons for Bungee Fitness. Our harnesses utilize 2 points, connected at the hip, allowing you to eventually flip 360 degrees (with some practice).¬† Each bungee can support a specific set of weight and we can accommodate most teen and adult participants up to 200 lbs. Because of this reason, the studio needs to coordinate the participants and or time allotted for the lesson.
**For safety reasons we will need you to provide us with your weight.

General Pricing

Private Instruction
1 Hour
Individual  $55.00
2 Person  $75.00
3 Person $100.00

Small Group (4 – 6)
1.5 Hour Private Instruction
$30 per person

How can I set up my lesson?

Write an email to labeled – Bungee Fitness Lesson. Tell us how many participants you have an their weight. Include your name and the preferred method of contact via phone or email. At this time, lessons can be scheduled during daytime hours, in addition to Fridays & Saturdays.


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