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Class Descriptions

Two Ways to Attend Aerial Arts of Rochester

Our Apparatus based classes are offered as 6 week sessions that require advance enrollment and limited space.

We also offer Fitness Classes that are on-going where you can “walk in” without a reservation. Purchase a FITtoFLY Class Pass and you will save $

2017 Sessions
January 2 – February 10th
February 13th – March 24th
Break Week March 25th – April 2nd
April 3rd – May 13th
May 15th – June 24th

Class Descriptions
Pricing includes all 6 classes in our session


Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.16.10 PM Aerial Silks Level 1
Course is for students with no prior experience, or for those still becoming comfortable with silk fabrics. We will be working on the building blocks of silks, including foot locks, hip keys and wrapping, while building up core strength and spacial awareness. ENROLL HERE
60 minutes. 6 week session – $100

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.01.41 PMAerial Hoop Level 1

This metal apparatus looks similar to hula hoop. You’ll learn various ways to mount and dismount, in addition to various poses, transitions and simple sequences.
45 Minutes. 6 weeks session – $65

Static Trapeze Level 1

You will learn various ways to mount and dismount the trapeze in addition to creating fun shapes. In level 1 you will primarily work on top or below the bar. Moves using the ropes will be incorporated into Level 2.  ENROLL HERE
45 Minutes. 6 week session – $65

Pole Dance Fitness Level 1

Formatted for entry level students and beginners, you’ll learn the basics from how to grip the pole, stand, sit and execute simple spins. A short choreographed combination will be taught. Don’t worry about your strength, we can help you build that! ENROLL HERE
60 minutes. 6 week session – $65

Aerial Yoga Rochester NYAerial Yoga, Hammock Flow

This yoga inspired class strengthens and tones as you transition from one pose to the next. Using the aerial hammock, you will gain flexibility and become acclimated with the use of the fabrics. This class will also offer a variety of spinal decompression benefits.  ENROLL HERE
45 Minutes. 6 week session –  $75

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.02.34 AMCore Aerial
Core Aerial utilizes the pole and aerial hammocks to build upper body and core strength. This class will also improve your grip for both metal and fabric apparatuses.  ENROLL HERE
45 Minutes. 6 week session – $65

Basics of BungeeBungee Fitness
Our bungee harnesses utilize two points allowing you to explore movement in a progressive format. With some practice, you’ll be able invert 360 degrees and pretend you are a real life secret agent man. We offer small group or private lessons for 1 to 6 participants. Call the studio for more information and to schedule your lesson(s).
60+ Minutes.

Walk In Classes
5 for $40 (Valid for 2 months)
10 for $75 (Valid for 4 months)
Many Classes are seasonal. Please check the schedule for offerings.
These classes cost $10 each OR purchase a punch pass and save $

View Walk In Schedule

Barre Burn
Barre is a full body low impact workout. You’ll stretch and strengthen your way to long lean muscles without building bulk.

Train Like the Aerialist Do! This popular high impact cross training cirque work out class was designed specifically to get results and to improve your overall physical fitness.

Introduction to Circus Hooping
Learn fun tricks with the hula hoop. This class will explore movements around the hips, hands and legs. Hoops provided or bring your own!

Stretch & Injury Prevention
This class is recommended for anyone looking to gain flexibility while learning about your body and how to prevent injuries.

First Flights Acro (Entry Level & Beginners)

Using three primary roles, a base, flyer and spotter, you’ll learn how to work together to achieve balance in a variety of fun poses!

Frequent Flyers Acro (Intermediate)

Bounce Trampoline Fitness
Bounce your way into shape in this fun and dynamic workout class geared towards all fitness levels!

Open Aerial Practice (must be enrolled in an aerial class)
Open aerial practice is for currently enrolled session students or those who have studio approval. Practice what you have learned in class. New rules and expectations have been put in place for your safety, please read full description for details. *Join the “Frequent Flyers Club” and attend Open Practice for just $45.00 It includes 12 opportunities to practice throughout your session.

Open Acro and Ground Skills Practice
Come practice what you have learned in class for ground related skills.

Handstands and Strength
This class will focus on drills and exercises designed to build the strength, mobility, and balance needed for a handstand.