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Posted by on Jun 5, 2016

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Its been around for hundreds of years and today modern day circus arts is the one of the best and unique ways of staying fit and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. Our local training school, Aerial Arts of Rochester is showing hundreds of students every year how to attain goals they may have perceived to be impossible. “The body is capable of doing more than what the mind thinks it capable of doing. And once you start creating a consistent habit of working on specific skill set, you are going to start to see yourself fly” says William Dovidio, co-owner of Aerial Arts Of Rochester.

But exactly, how does one prepare for a circus arts fitness class? Well, according to student Anna McDermott, you just come. “You get better at the circus arts, by doing it. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym first and many people don’t.” The school assumes that no one comes in knowing or having done the circus arts previously and they will show you how to do it literally from the ground up. So what exactly can you pursue at Aerial Arts of Rochester?

Everyone seems to be flying, spinning, swinging on various apparatuses, but what are they? There is static trapeze, aerial silks, lyra (also referred to as aerial hoop), aerial hammock, and pole. “These apparatuses based classes allow you to not only be creative with tricks and transitions that you will learn, but they also give students something to look forward to as they move up in level and skill set” says Jennifer Dovidio, co-owner. The studio also has fitness classes that don’t necessarily follow a set curriculum such as FlyBar Fitness, which uses the trapeze bar and Core Aerial that uses the hammocks.

These classes are great for those who just want straight up results from their workouts. So how can you get involved and see if the Aerial Arts is the workout meant for you? Start by visiting their website (click on the photo below) and see when their next Introduction to Aerial class or Introduction to Pole is scheduled and simply sign up. Keep in mind, its not required to take an Intro class prior to registering for their 5/6 week summer sessions, so feel free to get started the week of July 5th. The studio is located at 565 Blossom Road, next to the Artisan Works Art Gallery.

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