Aerial Arts of Rochester

Where Workouts are Airborne



Everyone is enjoying the benefits of an Aerial Arts workout. See what these happy customers have to say about their Aerial Arts of Rochester experience!

“Having worked alongside aerialists for much of my professional career, I never dreamed I’d be capable of doing what they do. But 5 months after having my 2nd child, I found my way to Aerial Arts of Rochester and discovered things I could do with my body in my 30’s that I never could do in my teens and 20’s. Since joining, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, can do 6 pull ups, & have more energy with my kids. Anyone can do it, even busy moms!” –Maia Rodriguez


“If you want to learn that you are stronger than you ever thought you could be and feel a freedom you may have never known, all while having fun and getting a great workout, check them out! *Anyone* can participate. The teachers are amazing and supportive, knowledgeable and skilled. Prepare to blow yourself away by what you *can* do! Go for it!” –Lauren


“Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge with the PT class from Nazareth College. You created a great atmosphere where all the students enjoyed participating in the creativity. We all laughed and I heard so many positive comments from the students once we were back on campus.
Thanks again.” –Staffan Elgelid


“The “product” is what drew me to you originally. The location and the people is what has kept me coming back.”-Lisa Vitale

“The fact that you responded to my inquiries in a timely manner got me there the first time, and then I stayed because I had a blast and made some awesome friends.”-Lillian Zimmermann

“The chance to do something new and to challenge me physically.”-Mindy Walsh

“I started taking classes at Aerial Arts of Rochester because it was something new and different. I really liked that I had the ability to work at my own pace yet I could also challenge myself. The reason I stayed however was because I loved the people and the friendly atmosphere. It was and is still so much fun!”-Kim Eichorn


“Aerial Arts of Rochester is the perfect atmosphere for getting in shape while having fun at the same time. With Will, Jen, and Kyle you learn that you can do things you never thought were possible. It truly is “taking flight through fitness and dance!” –Alli Laman